Football language: match highlights

Grammar is as easy as football, and this match report proves it.  
Read this to get a different perspective on grammar and master the fundamentals of ToB, a simple notation system that, borrowing from music, offers a spatial representation of language rules. 


  • 1st half: verbs, nouns, pronouns, prepositions/adjectives/articles, adverbs, conjunctions.  It’s the same as: balls, players, subs, kit, match restarts.
  • 2nd half:  positioning of nouns in a sentence matters in the same way as positioning of players on the pitch.   The four primary complements, i.e.: subject, object, indirect object and agent, can be compared to star players: captain, striker, right-winger and bicycle kicker!
  • Extra time (1):  complements of origin, state, destination, transition. Or is it right-back, mid-fielder, forward and left-wing? Football and language are both firmly rooted in space-time.
  • Extra time (2): on strange things. Existentialism in predicate and copula; the vocative of direct speech.
  • Penalties: the goalkeeper vs the genitive case.  Obsession with possession.

Of course, there is much more to football as there is with grammar and no system is perfect.

But this will get you playing and enjoying yourself, the prerequisites for any journey of discovery.

Want to try Tower of Bubble (ToB)? Download the Template | Cheat Sheet (Key Symbols)

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