Introducing ToB script

Bear with me: until I can convert ToB into a computer program with a nice graphical interface, the bubbly representation is too time consuming… especially if you typically use a keyboard.

Lost? refresh your memory or catch-up by reading the highlights of the most abstract football match ever.

Also, to write a computer program, it is useful to define a scripting language: this will allow us to easily convert typed symbols into whatever graphical representation we like. 

So, here is ToB script explained.  You will see that, consistent with the pentagrammatic representation, it borrows elements from musical notation (A, B, C, D… the letters corresponding to the musical notes that match the bubble position). 

Confused? Let’s look at a simple subject-verb-object structure, as in the clause “PelĂ© dribbles defenders”.

Here is standard ToB:   s_SVO

In ToB script, the above is, quite beautifully: A B C

As always, it is best to see these things in action, so here is an example of Shakespeare’s sonnet 1…Enjoy!



One thought on “Introducing ToB script”

  1. Impressed! You should have a chat with these guys…

    They are doing some deep linguistic analysis and automating this for (emerging) commercial applications. I met the founders and early investors a few years ago. Based on some research at oxford uni.


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