G-Space is about visualisation of grammar.

I created G-Space with the objective of making grammar simpler to understand and to work with.  My original goal was to teach the fundamentals to my children.

I love languages, in particular Latin and Ancient Greek, and sought easy ways to explain concepts such as the syntax of the cases.  Concepts that, to someone without a burning desire to communicate in other languages, are rather exotic and of little practical application.

It became obvious, from the outset, that the “abstract” route was going to take me nowhere.  Instead, I found it much easier to try and describe structures such as “subject-verb-object” clauses by using spatial representations.

I started this journey in 2009.  To date, I explored many different routes, I refined and rebuilt many times my G-Space models before settling for the Tower of Bubble: a music-inspired, bubbly 🙂 notation the readers of this blog will become acquainted with.

The more I got into this exploration of Language and Communication, the more avenues seemed to appear out of nowhere: the Tower of Bubble specifically, and G-Space more generally, lent themselves to many different uses in areas such as teaching, research, playing.

I expect the blog format to suit this “multi-use” nature.  It also forces  short-and-sweet accounts, something that a topic of this nature can only benefit from: I know people that would rather die than read a paper about grammar.

I am also hoping that this approach will help to attract comments, participation, ideas that will shine a more powerful light on the many possible applications of G-Space.

Enjoy and don’t be afraid to join in the conversation!

Yours truly, 

Gabriele Albarosa

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